US Capitol

* Tiananmen Square Black Swan Event

* “Tanks to the Banks”. China deploys army tanks to guard it’s Banks from cash withdrawals

* Broader consequences of the housing pricing collapse in China. Is the cure worse than the disease?

* Compare Chinese TikTok to Western TikTok we see in the USA 

Special Guest: Joseph Hanneman, Lead investigator of Jan. 6 and Senior reporter at The Epoch Times 

Guest Topic: Investigative report of the J6 Committee hearings, does this impact our relationship with China? Joe Hanneman discuss investigative findings to be released in a documentary July 22nd. 

There has been a narrative perpetuated about January 6 that omits many of the facts about what happened that day.  With in-depth interviews and exclusive video footage, we take an objective look at the issues, the people, and the impacts of the events.

The film takes a deep dive into the shooting of 35-year-old Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt and the deaths of three other supporters of former President Donald J. Trump. It analyzes the police response to the mass live crowds and use of force around the U.S. Capitol. Also examines the human impacts of Jan. 6, including the suicide of one defendant and the long pretrial imprisonment of dozens of others. It also investigates claims that some of the attacks on the Capitol and police were carried out by unindicted suspicious actors.

“The Real Story of January 6” will premiere in a live stream on EpochTV and then be available on demand.

Watch the trailer here:

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