Nan introduces the topic of the relationship between the Biden family and the Chinese Communist Party. Billy asks if evidence exists that there is a compromising relationship.

Amy shares the story of the Dry Well. In 1971, in her third year of internment in the labor camp, Amy was chosen to interview a young lady who had first saved a picture of Chairman Mao from a home fire, but failed to rescue her grandmother. This made her a roll model, for putting Mao first. She describes having to sleep in a courtyard and meeting an older couple from Shanghai, who had come to collect their daughters ashes. The parents were told their children had fallen into the same old dry well. The parents were told not to talk about it. Suicide was considered anti-party. She talks to one of the parents who suggested that the girls may have jumped into the well to protect their purity. Amy decided she wanted to find out what really happened.

When she asked villagers close to the well, she spoke to a young girl who said that the jumpers were pregnant. Amy talks to a an errand boy who saw a liberation army officer raping one of the girls. He also saw the girls talking before they jumped in the well. Amy concluded that all the girls had been raped and were several months pregnant when they jumped in the well. She wrote the story down and became determined to try and get the story out. Amy suggests that the alleged video evidence of Hunter Biden sexually assaulting an underage Chinese girl would mean that the sort of abuse she witnessed in her youth still continues. She shares her opinion that anyone involved with covering up such despicable acts should not be running for office.

Nan describes the custody of Hunter Biden’s laptop passing form the computer shop, to the FBI and then to Giuliani, who then handed information to The New Your Post. Nan explains that the emails in the laptop suggest that, in business dealings, Jo Biden “The Big Guy” was mentioned as the recipient of shares of funds.

Jeff in Aptos suggests that Putin’s thinking with regard to interference in US politics was meant to make people think that he favored Trump when in fact he did not.

Rory asks about the name of Hunter Biden’s business associate, Tony Bobulinski, would be a guest of the president during tonight’s presidential debate. Amy suggests that the CCP would video tape anything that could be used for blackmail. Rory asks what the FBI’s excuse is for not doing anything with the laptop. Amy suggests that the FBI withheld the evidence. Rory suggests that the Biden family’s influence in Delaware may have had the power to control the local FBI office.

Nan points out that the FBI would be able to refute any information incorrectly referenced to the laptop, since they had the laptop in their custody first.

Mary from Santa Cruz asks Amy how she sees how the Communist Party would use the Hunter Biden situation to exert their influence. Amy answers that the overall goal of the CCP is to use money to exert political power. Amy believes electing Jo Biden would be electing someone who would be totally compromised. The caller mentions that the press has suppressed this story and asks Amy how she thinks the election will play out. The caller asks if the FBI is also complicit. Amy thinks so.

Billy suggests that, if you had sensitive information on a laptop, that you wouldn’t send it to any old repair show. Amy suggests that if you are drunk enough and drop the laptop in the bath tub, then you’re probably not making good decisions.

Nan mentions that both the WSJ and NYT published articles in Dec 2018 mentioning high level Chinese business meetings with the Biden family.

Dan in Salinas a report that the Conny Chung has come out in favor of Biden in order to engage Asian voters. Dan thinks that might backfire, because a lot of Asian immigrants fled from dictators and communists. Amy suggests that we should vote for the next generation.

Nan mentions that Vice President Biden visited China in 2013. Ten days later, Hunter Biden’s company was merged with two Chinese and one US company to form the large 1.5 billion dollar investment firm BHR. BHR later became the anchor company of China Nuclear General, a company later charged with stealing US secrets. Nan mentions several other charges involving BHR in the article “6 Facts About Hunter Biden’s Business Dealings In China”, published in the New Your Post.

Billy asks if what Hunter has done should reflect on Jo Biden. Nan suggests that older articles stopped short of making a direct connection, until the emails and texts came out in the last few days. Amy mentions that, if the news about Hunter Biden was not being suppressed by the main stream, we’d be in a very different situation.

Zac from Moss Landing mentions that the IRS would be a good source to figure out what money Jo Biden has received. Billy mentions that Hunter’s tax returns would be more interesting.

Nan recommends a book Secret Empires by Peter Schweizer for elaborating on the extent and nature of corruption in US. Nan suggests that the US’s China Policy is the reason why this corruption exists. He suggests that not changing our China policy would have grave effects on the next generation.

Nan brings up the cozy deals with Burisma in Ukraine and the 3.5million dollar payment from the ex-wife of Moscow’s former mayor.

Steve in Capitola?? Shares the theory that Hunter planned this whole debacle as a way of escaping from a life of subterfuge. He points to how unlikely it would be to leave a computer with such damming evidence on it for many months.

Bob likes the show topic and wants to share that Hunter Biden doesn’t deny many of the accusations regarding his qualifications for his business relationships.

Judy recommends recommends several books about child abuse, satanism and CIA mind control.

Dick in Santa Cruz says that Trump was the first president that has been hard on China. Dick mentions “pieces of the puzzle” regarding the timing of the release of the coronavirus, suggesting that it may be advantageous to China.

Amy suggests that this election is for the entire free world. Billy feels like the 24 hour news cycle makes it hard for a real journalist to do their job.

Nan refers to a report called Putting Money In The Parties Mouth: How China Mobilizes Money For United Front Work. He describes how the United Front department in the CCP has a bigger budget than the Chinese foreign ministry. Billy mentions that the CCP intends to influence other countries just as it does its own citizens.

Billy teases the topic of the next episode, mentioning that a fist fight broke out between CCP and Taiwanese officials in Fiji.

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