Nan introduces today’s guest, former General Robert Spalding.

Amy is going to tell us about two of her friends who are doctors.  She explains that in China there is birth control medicine, that is not very good, with lots of side effects. One doctor was a Western Medicine doctor and the other is a Traditional Medicine doctor.  The CCP was forcing birth control as part of the one child policy.  One of the birth control options was a ring that caused major complications, including severe bleeding.  The two doctors tried to see if they could come up with a solution, though they were illegally prohibited from doing so.  They attempted a surgery for the Western Doctor, under a false ID, but were found out.  The Red Guard broke up the surgery, which was never properly done.

Many years later, the Western Doctor asked Amy for help getting attention from a doctor in the US.  The US doctor had a lot of experience with that exact type of problematic birth control, though she was unable to do anything about it.

Amy postulates that this sort of treatment of girls was part of the reason why so many infant girls were abandoned.

Nan describes Pro-Democracy activists from Hong Kong who are not allowed to choose their own lawyers.  Amy points out the hypocrisy of any mention by the CCP of human rights.  Nan points out the propagandist habit of calling “Chairman Xi”, “President Xi”. The case being that a president is elected and a chairman is appointed.

Nan further elaborates on General Spalding’s qualifications. Billy further elaborates on his extraordinary career.

Nan asks General Spalding about the proposition that China is practicing Unconventional Warfare against the US. The General suggests that it is obviously the case. When Nan asks for examples, General Spalding describes the historical context of “the peoples war” used by Mao to overthrow the Nationalist Government. General Spalding suggests that during the Cold War, communist countries did not have access to our Universities, Economy, etc.  After the Cold War, this dramatically changed. General Spalding suggests that the coronavirus is an extraordinary information operation.  General Spalding describes a complicit relationship between the Imperial College London and the CCP. 

Billy asks about other ways the West is being manipulated. General Spalding points to many medical policy issues made under the influence of the CCP. He also describes Banking interests and major corporations who are complicit in information warfare as a result of their business dealings in China. He mentions University relationships and political campaign relationships as well.  “Along every avenue of our society”, the general suggests, the CCP manipulates “well meaning individuals.

Billy asks if the US conducts similar operations abroad.  The General suggests that after the cold war we have de-funded those sorts of programs.  General Spalding suggests that we were not prepared for the sorts of programs the CCP practices now.

Amy asks if policy will reverse under the Biden admin. General Spalding suggests that it will be a softer approach, but there has been a general recognition that the CCP is a major threat.  When Billy asks about Biden’s alleged financial ties to China, the General suggests that the foreign policy is in general bi-partisan agreement. General Spalding suggests that we had a failure in the intelligence community, but now that failure has come to light.

Nan mentions a series of requests made by the CCP of the new administration.  The General suggests that the new admin will actually add new restrictions on CCP, including infiltration of US supply chains.  He also suggests that it is important to “inspire the world” toward democratic systems.  He suggests economic stagnation in the US has been a large part of the loss of prestige for Western Democracies.

Nan mentions Biden’s Town Hall meeting mention of Xinjiang province having to do with a difference in “cultural norms”. Nan also mentions the re-entry of the Confucius Institutes. General Spalding suggests that the restoration of Confucius Institutes is under review and the executive order was just an effect of a new administration reviewing the former administrations policy.

Billy asks if we will have another Cold War. General Spalding suggests that we are already in a Cold War, we just haven’t acknowledged it.  The General suggests that Taiwan faces a grave threat and that we should think of them as we did Berlin during the Cold War.  He suggests that the US may be involved in facilitating an evacuation of the island.

Billy asks about Hong Kong. The General says, “Hong Kong is gone. There is no Hong Kong.”

General Spalding suggests there is a difference of opinion between the western business community and the foreign policy communities. 

The General suggests that the CCP has overwhelming force in the Pacific Region.

Michal Olsen calls in to ask, is there one good reason the CCP would not have deliberately released the COVID virus upon the world. The General suggest that “we have no proof”, though the weight of the evidence suggests it came from a lab in China.  We do know that the CCP took full advantage of the situation.


Nan and Amy express great concerns regarding the General Spalding’s assertion that the Chinese military has overwhelming force in the South China Sea.

Colonel Terry suggests that General Spalding sees the world with stark reality. He says that it is getting impossible to defend Taiwan and Hong Kong long term. 

Bill calls to introduce a different viewpoint. He suggests that the situation in Western Europe during the Cold War involved a much militarily stronger Soviet Union.  He suggests the importance of the nuclear deterrent regarding Taiwan.

Westside Al asks if the General is confirming that the virus is using biological warfare?

Dan suggests the border dispute between India and China is very telling.  He says the one child policy has produced a less militarily capable population.

Mike has been to China a number of times. He says the Chinese people are completely brainwashed. He suggests the virus was a potent weapon, because it caused us to borrow money.

Dawn suggests that “after Taiwan, the Philippines is next in line”.  He suggests that we’re selling out our homeland.

Lee says that the biggest threat to the world is Red China.  He really appreciates the show.  He is concerned about Big Tech.

Dick thinks that Biden is deeply involved with major corporations and the CCP.

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