Nan mentions the recent Peoples Congress with the topic of the Great Rejuvenation of China. Admiral Philip Davidson’s recent testimony before a Senate panel, in which he said China would likely invade Taiwan in the next 6 years.

Amy describes how out of 36 people in Reeducation camp, three of them ended up in mental institutions. One of them was nicknamed “the missile”, because he was very smart, encouraging the others to continue their studies whenever they could. Amy recalls his advice being pivotal in her decision to acquire textbooks and continue studying in the evenings. If various qualifications were met, there was an opportunity to go to college.

Amy’s house hold was given special permission to attempt the qualification examinations, but during the examination there was an earthquake. Amy recalls not wanting to stop the exam. She was later excepted into a scientific college, but first she had to be vetted for her families political qualifications. She was rejected, because of her fathers overseas friendships. The Missile, along with 5 others, were also disqualified for similar reasons.

At the Chinese New Year, The Missile was working on a dam project. Amy recalls not having any food, but not wanting to visit home because of the stigma of not qualifying. All of a sudden the door opened and The Missile came in with a chicken, declaring that it was time to celebrate. They set about deciding how to cook the chicken with very limited supplies. After the dinner, he started talking about getting together with everyone who was disqualified and committing suicide together to make a statement about the injustice they had faced. Amy argued strongly against it. (to be continued)

Billy introduces General Paul Vallely. Nan asks General Vallely how likely a Chinese invasion of Taiwan is in the next six years. General Vallely suggests that the threat has always been there, but is now an ongoing threat. The General suggests that they have been particularly aggressive with military build up in the last 5 years.

Amy asks the General what he thinks the Biden administration would do in response to Chinese military aggression. The General suggests that we wouldn’t know what would happen, but the Biden administration is compromised by the Chinese. The General suggests though that the Taiwanese military as well as the Japanese military constitute a considerable deterrent.

The General shares concerns that 4 star Generals in the US have become politicized. He feels there has been a dramatic shift to the left. He also points out that the Mexican Cartels are working closely with the CCP. General Vallely considered the Chinese military very advanced, emphasizing their cyber abilities specifically.

The General points out the importance of leadership in military proficiency. Billy asks about the quality of Chinese military training. General Vallely suggests that “they really command through fear”. He says that when politics gets mixed in with military decision making, it causes problems. He advises that our military should get away from politics as well.

Nan asks what we can do to prevent an invasion of Taiwan. The General points out that we have extensive military power in the Western Pacific including a many allies. Amy asks if a brainwashed military is better than an individualist military. The General suggests that our military is suffering from its own form of political suppression.

Nan asks about the relationship of our high tech corporations with China, with regards to our ability to respond to Chinese military threats. The General suggests that the current US administration is less likely to push back against the propaganda spread by the CCP, Wallstreet and Big Tech.

Billy and the General discuss the economic relationship. The General points out the treat of supply chain interruption.

Nan inquires on the relationship of the CCP and Mexican Cartels. The General says the trade in fentanyl production created the relationship. He describes how the Cartels have better equipped militaries than many countries.


The team discusses the possibility of a Chinese invasion of Taiwan.

Dick agrees with the General with regards to stolen US R&D technology. He also suggests the Mexican Cartels are a major problem.

Jo asks “what if China and Taiwan were in cahoots?” Nan points out that Taiwan has the most advanced semiconductor industry in the world. Nan mentions that Taiwan is leading the world in economic decoupling from China.

Nan suggests that the conversation is no longer about the human rights or the Chinese economy, but now about our own security.

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