Michael Olson introduces the mystical “Credit Knife Man” of Chinese lore. As the discussion progresses through China’s myriad of challenges, including food security, demographic collapse and economic stagnation, Olson describes the recent reappearance of the enigmatic “Credit Knife Man”, in which he predicts, among other prognostications that “the red boat will sink”. What is the true meaning of the Credit Knife Man’s predictions and will they come to pass? Find out in this episode of China Watch Radio.

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Recently, a Chinese individual revealed on social media that the legendary figures who loan knives on credit in Chinese folklore have reappeared. Unlike before, this time the Credit Knife Man has made a shocking prophecy that can influence the fate of all Chinese people. During the Warring States period in China, which started from 475 BC and ended in 221 BC., there was a well-known figure named Guigu Zi. He was the master of Chinese military arts and one of the icons of Taoism. It is said in Chinese folklore that the credit knife people belong to Taoism, and they are the disciples of Guigu Zi. – 56 They are proficient in all kinds of magic, able to foretell the future by Divination of life and death.

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