After a comprehensive introduction from Nan, describing the Chinese Cultural Revolution, Amy tells a riveting personal story about her personal experiences with the “Up to the mountain, down to the village” forced labor program.

Billy and Amy agree Xi’s speech at the UN sounded dishonest.

Amy mentions that the recent bad air quality in the Bay Area is like many Chinese cities on a normal day.

David calls after the break to suggest we can’t trust either Xi nor Trump. He support de-coupling, but wants to see a different president in the US.

Jim would like to know why the CCP isn’t overthrown and asks why anyone would leave China rather than fix the problems. Nan explains the role of mind control.

Rory believes Trump is telling the truth. After learning that there are over 90million members of the CCP, he suggests that “political patronage” would be very powerful in such a situation.

Zach points out that the Chinese government is a one party system. Suggesting that if you want to change a multiparty system, there are ways to do it

Special Guest John Hsieh, President of Love Taiwan Association, joins to provide details on the history of Taiwan, particularly regarding the ownership of the island. He then suggests why resolving relations between the PRC and Taiwan is not an easy thing to do, providing incites into the post WW2 military occupation of Taiwan and the history of international law.

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