After Amy reads a fascinating email exchange with a vicious detractor, Amy describes her experiences with “re-education”. She tells the emotional story of how, on September 17th 1969, she was violently forced, by the Red Guard and some of her peers, to denounce her parents as vampires and leaches for owning a business.

Special guest from the Chinese Democracy Education Foundation Jinwei Hu describes the “day of shame” anti-CCP protests in San Francisco. He describes how several CCP flags have been replaced by Taiwanese flags in SF. Protests continue to push for the removal of the CCP flag from the San Francisco skyline and other cities in “the land of the free”.

The de-facto Taiwanese Counselor General Ming-Chi Scott Lai, joins in the second hour to educate the audience about the difference between Taiwan and the CCP (and Thailand), noting that Taiwan is officially known as The Peoples Republic of China. He explains how Taiwan’s UN seat was replaced by the CCP in 1949. He describes how Taiwan is and has historically been separate from mainland China. He points out that Taiwan and the US have a long standing relationship, including a substantial trading relationship.

Director General Scott Lai suggests that the recent bellicose CCP actions regarding air incursions across the center line of the Taiwanese straight and military action in northern India may be a result of instability in mainland China, possibly related to worse economic effects than reported from the COVID19 pandemic. He calls on the international community to condemn the use of military force on the part of the CCP.

Director General Scott Lai mentions the irony of the UN’s theme being, “leaving no countries behind”, while failing to represent Taiwan. He expresses his hope that the UN will take action to represent the 25 million people of Taiwan, in spite of the CCP’s pressure not to do so.

Director General Scott Lai expresses his deepest sympathy to those who have lost relatives to the pandemic. He describes of Taiwan has been largely unaffected by the corona virus. He mentions how Taiwan has consistently donated millions of surgical masks to the US and many other countries around the world. He also explains how Taiwan used hard learned lessons from the SARS outbreak to produce their extraordinarily effective pandemic response.

Billy is convinced, after hearing from the guest, that he wants to Visit Taiwan. Nan describes some of the hypocrisy of the United Nations. Conversation continues about the Taiwanese economy and decoupling from China.

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