Amy Hao recalls that she had hidden the written story of the Dry Well under her pillow, when the Shanghai Caring Group showed up. She recalls being led past the camp head quarters, then approaching the bank of the river. She followed Old Chen down the side of the river until, some distance away, Old Chen pulled the story from his pant leg and questions Amy’s reactionary writing. She attempts to defend herself. Old Chen lights the paper on fire and the story is blown down the river.

Nan introduces General Vallely. General Vallely mentions that intelligence gathering by major superpowers is a common occurrence. He describes some of the compartmentalization of intelligence within the US armed forces. He describes the CCP’s success in infiltrating US defense companies. General Vallely describes the roll of the space force. He talks about how the big players aren’t currently interested in adhering to any treaties with regards to the militarization of space. General Vallely suggests that China’s ambitions with regards to the US military is “all about power”. He uses the example of China’s intention to use soft power to develop assets, like ports and airports, in various parts of the world, then use Chinese nationals to run those facilities.

General Vallely explains that, now that Hong Kong has been subdued, Taiwan is the next target. However, the quality of the Taiwanese military, and the alliance of the US, Japan and South Korea would make an invasion very costly.

General Vallely expresses his belief that China will be much more aggressive with a president Biden, as Biden would be “very weak” on China. He explains that US companies have to get state department approval to transfer sensitive technologies to any other countries. Likewise, security stipulations can be very tight and He explains that the cost savings of stealing other technology is significant. The advancement in Chinese technology has been extraordinary in the past 5 years.

General Vallely suggests that the Chinese military is “very strong” and “very competitive” with the US military today.

John comments about the value of technology development.

Nan asks the General about why US corporations share technologies like Artificial Intelligence. He suggests that many of the “globalist” companies want access to the Chinese market.

Paul suggests looking at the US and Chinese relations as a chess game. He asks the General about the potential for the use of nuclear arms. The general mentions the importance of nuclear non-proliferation, saying that we want to be very careful about who can get a nuclear bomb.

End Of First Hour

Andres asks for suggestions or advice what people on the West Coast can do in an area where politicians are sympathetic to ChiComs. The General mentions the large number of people moving to Montana from California. He suggests California is on a road to self destruction. Andres mentions Feinstein’s Chinese spy employee and asks how many more such spies are out there. The General says we know how extensive Chinese espionage and investment is in the West Coast and also Vancouver.

Before leaving, General Vallely invites the audience to take a look at, where they will find many articles on China related issues.

Nan mentions the expectation in China that a Biden administration would soften US’s China policy, but he personally doubts it will have that much effect. He suggests the pandemic has shifted world opinion permanently against China.

Amy shares that she has discussed with pro-Biden citizens on the questions of “what is socialism”. She sees socialism as lending more power to big corporations. Nan mentions that Generals comment about money is a significant motivation for major corporations. Amy discusses the difference between Karl Marx’s theory’s and the realities. The CUA team discuss the nuances of Socialism and Communism.

Gary mentions Captain John Birch (who the John Birch Society is named for), who rescued Nationalist Chinese from Maoist China, but was killed by the Maoists for refusing to surrender his pistol. He suggests that there was no-body more American than John Birch.

Billy says, “If you believe any poll, you’re nuts”. Amy mentions that people used to believe in the main stream media. She refers to the power of media as, “the king without a crown”.

Will calls in and says, “believe nothing that you hear and only half of what you see.”

Downtown Al describes encountering some “ANTIFA” people dressed in black and chanting “death to America” in down town Santa Cruz on election night. He asks if the Epoch Times does anything to educate youth. Nan explains that there is a series worth taking a look at. He compares their coverage to the New York Times, which had a more favorable view of Communism.

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