Nan introduces the show talking about the concerns related to the Dominion Voting system.

Amy Hao continues the story after her story is burned and thrown in the river. She is instructed by Old Chen to never mention what she had written and what had happened that day. She recalls learning more about Old Chen and realizing he was struggling with his role as a propaganda minister. When approaching the village, Old Chen very seriously informs her that he has an important task for her to do. He asks her to write a critique the diary of a “western influenced” girl in a nearby village. She felt compelled to accept the task.

That night Amy had a nightmare that night that she and the girl were threatened to be thrown into the Dry Well. Amy escaped by kneeling. Amy was then forced to push a large rock into the well. When Amy visited Jerusalem in 2010, she suddenly remembered that nightmare. She thought it was a sign of why we need forgiveness.

Nan mentions that many Chinese have a residual fear long after leaving China.

Peter Kuo, vice chairman of the Republican Party in California, joins the conversation. Peter mentions that the state was called for Biden 6min after the polls closed. Peter describes a considerable increase in voter enthusiasm for Trump in CA in 2020, not reflected in the vote totals. He mentions Trumps tweet that 2.6 million votes were switched from Trump to Biden by the Dominion Voting System.

Peter asserts that the vote count will be checked in CA, thought the focus in on battleground states. The group discusses many aspects of the uncertainty around the vote count. Peter believes the Democratic Party plays a much bigger role in any election interference than the CCP.

Billy describes the pervasiveness of Dominion and suggests that we should have an interest regardless of the results of this election in order to insure the integrity of our voting system.

Tony suggests Fed money printing will be an economic “sedative” for the US. Nan thinks the US should investigate Chinese election manipulation.

Mike appreciates the value of the show for sharing a perspective from China. He things we’d have to look at the source code to find out whether there is interference. He thinks the new liberal perspective of abolishing private property and de-funding the police is insanity. He things voter fraud is widespread. He believes we should have a new way to vote that prevents these problems.

Michael Alfaro Chief Financial Officer of Trump Campaign, does not buy one bit that the 6,000 vote switch in Michigan was a “glitch”. He mentions that there are internal and external investigations into what has happened. “It’s just too early”, he says with regards to what sort of evidence there is. He mentions that Trump was the first president in 40 years that did not start a war with another country. Nan asks about whistle blowers from Dominion. Michael confirms that there are whistle blowers, but there are many more directions they are following. He recommends being patient and waiting to see what actually happened. He suggest we need to see if the alleged election interference is domestic or international. He also shares his appreciation for having elders share their stories of what it is like to live under a communist regime.

Nan describes how one Republican county in Michigan showed a Biden victory, then a supposed “glitch” was fixed. After which Trump won the county by over 5,000 votes. Billy mentions the importance of getting the evidence. Nan is very interested in hearing from Dominion whistle blowers.

Estelle shares her belief in Jesus Christ being in charge of this whole situation. She does believe Trump has been cheated.

Billy and Nan express gratitude to the founding fathers for creating a system with contingencies for many situations.

Julie learned that in Wi, Mi, and Mi wireless modems are used to connect voting machines.

Nan says he understands why face masks would be made in China, but he does not understand why voting machines or components would be made there. Billy suggests that money is the reason.

Dick suggests that Democratic states co-ordinates with China on voting machines, just as they coordinated with COVID-19. He asks what our vote will be worth after this election. He thinks this may be “the end of democracy”.

Dave talks about how people on the inside should have “rolled over” exposing a conspiracy, if there is one.

Billy says he trusts the ATM and the Internet. “How come we can’t have that same amount of trust in our vote?” He and Amy suggest we should make an up to date voting system for the future.

Flinks suggests that if you want to win the presidency, you have to have a big lead. He suggests that all the people who voted for Trump or Biden want the votes to be counted.

Billy says he doesn’t like the idea of a “free speech zone”. He says the entire United States is a “Free Speech Zone”. He talks about how, in China, Amy was not only denied freedom of speech, she was forced to say things she didn’t want to.

Judy relates that we should advocate for a full audit of all fifty states from every registered voter. Amy shares that she hasn’t wanted to tell her stories, but now she feels that we are losing our freedom of speech. If we don’t have different voices, then we don’t have freedom of speech.

Mike is more scared of Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum more than Biden.

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