Nan introduces the topic of “probable election interference” in relation to Sidney Powell latest press conference, in which she mentions the involvement of Cuba, Venezuela and China.

Amy continues her story of the Dry Well.  Old Chin had asked Amy to criticize the young girl. He gives Amy her diary to read. Her diary is well written and she clearly is well read.  As Amy starts reading her story, her heart started pounding.  Both the young girls parents had committed suicide when the Red Guard had put them in jail.  She had lived as an orphan street urchin until she was sent to a similar camp to the one Amy was sent to.  In the place she was sent there was a young boy who was very nice to her. They fell in love and had a baby. 

Amy explains that the CCP criminalized sexuality.  You do not belong to your body or sole, it belongs to Chairman Mao.  The young lady does not know what to do with baby.  The baby was found by a near by village.  The CCP forced the young girl to testify that the boy had raped her. He was locked in jail.  Amy decided she wanted to talk to the girl, fearing that she was close to committing suicide.   Amy travels to see her, but she doesn’t want to talk to her.  She asks Amy why she wants to talk to her and why she thinks she can help.   Amy recalls her own suicidal feelings after being brutalized by the CCP and forced to denounce her parents.  Her father had told her the she has to outlive whatever evils and helplessness she saw in the world.  Amy conveyed this to the young girl from outside the door.  The girl told Amy to go back and be a model soldier for Mao. It was too late for her.  Eventually she relents and lets Amy in.  To be continued next week.

Peter Kuo, vice chairman of the Republican Party in California, joins to discuss voting fraud. Peter explains that the investigation is ongoing into how the election equipment was chosen and how exactly the votes were switched from Trump to Biden.  He mentions that, in Santa Clara, a county clerk had the ability to change votes, according to the agreement between Dominion and Santa Clara.  Peter suggests that the current system is so vulnerable that the only fix is to return to paper ballots.  Peter is “very excited for America” based on the information that came out today.

Mike? expresses his dislike of Santa Cruz electronic voting or mail in ballots that were “shoved down our throats”.  Billy doesn’t recall using electronic voting. Nan points out that the issue is using Dominion machines to count the paper ballots.

Dick wants clarification on Peter’s position on the evidence regarding Dominion.  He asks Amy if this is similar to revolutions in other countries.  Amy thinks the US political system is very strong, but gradually changing.  She mentions how difficult the legal argument is because of the “burden of proof”.  She has concerns that our legal system and democracy can be abused.  Dick doesn’t think that our democracy will survive unless we follow through on the legal issues.

Don wants to “correct inaccuracies”.  He suggests there were many observers in Pennsylvania.  He says the voting machines are made in Canada, not Venezuela or China.  Nan agrees that it is a Canadian company and goes through the history of the hardware and software development through Venezuela and China.

Billy introduces Doug Stephan, nationally syndicated radio host and family farmer.  Billy asks about US farmings relationship with China.  Doug suggests that there are many things that we need to be aware of.  He hopes we deal in a forthright way with the actions of the CCP.  He mentions that local growers have benefited from more awareness of food sourcing.  Doug mentions that the largest pork producer in the US has been bought by a Chinese company, calling into question their quality standards.  He mentions partial Chinese ownership of US broadcast companies.

Doug details some aspects of Chinese agriculture and China’s dependence on the US for grain, soy and pork.  Doug explains all sorts of big agriculture,government corruption and poor practice in the US.  Doug thinks it would be the exception if China did not have an influence in our elections, since their influence is anywhere and everywhere they can.

Find out more about Doug Stephan at

Nan suggests that elections systems are the most important part of our democracy.  He thinks China is the only country that could have the influence to effect the decisions regarding the selection of our voting system.  Amy agrees that China is the only country with the money and power.  She suggests that China has not invested in their agriculture. 

JJ comments on Rudy Julianne’s news conference. His opinion is that there was a 4 year plan to beat the voting system.  He also points to the Biden families connections with China. He thinks there were a bunch of red flags in the vote count.

John thinks that secrets and patents don’t get “stolen” without some insider complicity.  He mentions Dianne Feinstein’s chauffeur who was a Chinese spy for decades.

Jim thinks that both sides “are on the take”.  He doesn’t think Trump is that different from other politicians.  He suggests that stealing patents happens all the time between US companies.  He mentions that all 50 states have different voting systems.

Downtown Al brings up the problem of Doxing.  He expresses concern for the China Uber Alles staff, since the CCP is a potential global threat.

Billy asks Nan about his experiences.  Nan explains that he considers himself a survivor.  He considers his work to be a responsibility to the people who have been killed.

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