Nan Su begins the show talking about the Dominion Voting System’s parent company Staple Street Capital’s reception of $400 million dollars from Swiss Bank UBS, while the majority ownership of UBS happens to be the CCP.

Amy reminds everyone that she had met the young lady whose diary she had read and who she was asked to denounce.  The girl had let her inside her house after sharing a quote from a book they both knew.

The Shanghai Caring Committee had found out that Ling had had a baby with her boyfriend Ling, but left the baby on a beach hoping someone would rescue the child, only to find out the child had been washed away and died.  Ling was being accused with murder.

Old Chen had asked Ling in an interrogation to sign a paper accusing her boyfriend of rape. Old Chen also required Ling to have sex with him.  In exchange she was told her and her boyfriend would eventually be released and transferred to a different location.

Amy struggled to convince Ling not to take her own life.  Amy mentions how many suicides meant to protest their conditions had no effect.  Amy talks to her about believing in some kind of creator who gives life a purpose.  Amy warns her about the imminent denunciation and offers to talk to Old Chen.  When she talks to Old Chen, he cancels the meeting and moves Ling to another village.

40 years later, Amy went back for a reunion.  She finds out Ling had eventually died in a mental hospital. Lee had been released 20 years later, but had lost everything.  Another girl had escaped to Hong Kong and became a human rights attorney. She had collected the many stories of what really happened.  Amy thought they should consult the victims.

Nan introduces the sound bite of General Flynn discussing how fast Communist China has moved to become the sole global superpower.  He believes their disappointment with the 2016 US election caused them to seek influence in the 2020 elections.  He asks how we can accept a voting system that is not domestic.  He explains that “The Kracken” referred to by Sydney Powell is the Military Intelligence Battalion who has identified China, Iran and Russia as being involved with US vote manipulation.  He describes how special forces seized servers in Frankfurt Germany.

Bill Graff finds it disturbing that US mainstream media has not reported on any of this.  Amy mentions that her friends in other countries are asking about these things, but no one knows about it in the US.

Nan mentions how strange it is that US media does not cover this topic.  He wants to know why no one would care if Chairman Xi possibly chooses the US president.  Nan introduces General Vallely.

General Vallely explains that from the reports he has been able to receive and what he has heard in D.C., when you connect the dots, these voting machines have been manipulated to change the votes. Nan asks how it is possible to change what are supposed to be secure votes.  General Vallely says, “It’s called hacking.”  He describes a web of deceit, fraud and treason to steal the election.

Amy asks about William Bar’s conclusion that there is no widespread fraud. General Vallely explains that the Department of Justice and FBI are corrupt, citing the Russian collusion hoax as an example.  The General mentions that Bars actual statement was that they did not have evidence “so far”.  General Vallely describes the Department of Justice, the FBI and the CIA as politically corrupt.  He suggests the divisions are so great in the US we are headed toward a civil war. 

Bill Graff asks how the General “as a military guy” sees this whole situation.  The General describes how many people in the giant bureaucracy of the pentagon are not loyal to the constitution.  However, many generals, admirals and special forces in particular are supportive of the president.

Billy asks if we are in danger of being taken over by the CCP.  General Vallely describes how the CCP is moving “on all fronts”, pointing out how aggressively they are acting across the board.

Nan asks about why the voting machines is connected to the internet and even counted in servers outside the country.  The General confirms the situation “as far as I know”.  He point out the “tragedy” of what happened to General Flynn.  The General thinks the “Democratic Socialist Party” is corrupt and a Biden administration is unacceptable.

Billy asks if we can monitor what Chinese hackers are trying to do to us.  The General suggests that we absolutely can, but we have been very lax, leading the the theft of a lot of technology.  He feels we have become more proficient recently, though it is a lot of work.


The General explains that the transfer of technology to China is one of the biggest things that Trump has been very tough on, while Biden will likely be very weak. He suggests that we would still want to buy Chinese goods, we just want it to be a fair agreement.

Nan asks about the military preparation to face the challenge of China’s growing power. The General suggests that the new Chinese military hardware is very good. The General mentions that space based military forces are a very important aspect of military competition.

Billy asks about the relationship between Generals and presidents with no military background.  The General describes a lot of discord between democrat presidents and the military. 

The General describes the Chinese military as very disciplined, while the ranks likely have less desire to actually fight.  The General explains that the Defense Intelligence agency is focused on any threats to the United States and continually monitoring what is going on in China, North Korea and Russia.  The General suggests that the ability to use a satellite to launch a nuclear weapon is a great threat.

Nan mentions Biden’s US ambassador to the UN choice Linda Thomas-Greenfield, a Senior Counselor from a company called Albright Stonebridge Group.  ASG is a company which tries to educate US companies on how to deal with the CCP when they do business with China.  Nan discovered the ASG’s Chinese subsidiary is led and staffed by top CCP officials.

Fred is confused about our government being referred to as “democratic”.  He discusses the difference between a constitutional republic and a democracy.  Fred explains how important it is to protect the minority.

Dick suggests that the Supreme Court might take up voting fraud.  He would like verification on many aspects of the allegations of voting fraud.  Dick mentions that “the number 1 way that coups happen is when the military sides with one side or the other”.  Dick questions “the timing and relevance” of the release of the coronavirus out of China. 

John asks “if belligerent militia unorganized where designed or set up to supplant the American Government, those in Government who are in violation of Constitutional Law, isn’t it possible that we could solve all the problems that we have?”

Judith thinks that we are already in a war between the deep state and “the Q-team”.  She believes that George Soros has been arrested.

Ron wants to know, if dissolve into a civil war, would that be a good time for China to attack.  Nan mentions that post election discord in the US could open an opportunity for China to attack Taiwan.  Amy mentions how our weakest point is when we are the most confused.

Rory mentions posse comitatus as the principle of not deploying the military on our own soil.  He also suggests that the Chinese narrative on the source of COVID being a wetmarket is implausible.  He believes we are in a “cold civil war” and would not want to see a hot one.

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