Nan Introduces Jennifer Zeng, translator of the video clip in which Professor Di Dongsheng describes several concerning aspects of the relationship between

Nan mentions the Youtube announcement regarding censorship of possible election fraud.

Amy Hao asks Bill Graff and Nan Su if they believe in Miracles.  She goes on to describe a miracle she witnessed in her forced labor camp.  She mentions a doctor she knew, who got Amy admitted to a three month training program.  She offered to help in the labor camp as a “barefoot doctor”.  The communist officials would not let her, because she was not to be trusted, since her father was an “enemy of the state”.  After three years, there was a malaria breakout and she was accepted as a “barefoot doctor”. 

She worked in the clinic with several people from different ethnic groups.  A woman doctor and an associate from her village left for supplies, leaving her with a unique man who had unusual traits.  Amy and the man left to find herbs for traditional treatments in the mountains.  He also carried a homemade rifle for protection against mountain lions.  The mountain was very steep.  The man slipped and hit his hip. He was bleeding quite badly.  He was too heavy to carry.  Amy went down the hill to find help, but did not find anyone. Having nothing else to do, Amy started to Pray. 

Just them the man appears having come down the hill himself.  When he saw Amy praying, he asked if she was Christian. He explained that he was too.  After they both prayed together, a truck arrived. 

Nan tells a bit of Jennifer Zeng’s background, being prosecuted as a Falun Gong practitioner and escaping to the US.  Jennifer describes the speech given by Profession Di Dongsheng.  She describes his speech as pertaining to the opening up of Chinese financial sector.  He also explained that the CCP was able to fix political issues with the US for many years, because of their control of “people at the top” of the US power structure.  She explains that the video has now been removed by YouTube. (Look for Jennifer Zeng’s Inconvenient Truth on Ramble)

Nan asks about the speech mentioning Chinese help setting up Hunter Biden’s global foundations, Jennifer confirmed that the audience fully understood that message. Jennifer says the CCP is “at a loss” as to what to do with Professor Di, unsure whether to punish him or not.  Jennifer explains that Professor Di is a very important top level international policy expert for the CCP.

Jennifer explains that she has had many repercussions from her work as an investigative journalist.

Jennifer describes some of the books she has written and her website, which has the text of Professor Di’s speech:

Amy asks about Falun Gong. Jennifer explains that Falun Gong is very ancient, but introduced to the public in 1992 with three principles, Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance. “Because of the very obvious benefits” the practice spread very quickly and began to outnumber the CCP. At that stage, the CCP considered it a problem and began a massive crack down, even spreading vicious rumors internationally. Jennifer was arrested four times, forced to do hard labor, tortured and put at risk of becoming an unwilling organ donor. She describes a personal friend whose father has been missing for 20 years.

Nan describes two personal friends why died under Falun Gong persecution.

Michal Olsen asks if Chairman Jiang Zemin is now in charge of the Chinese Biotech industry including the virology institute in Wuhan.  Nan explains that he is retired, but still controls things from behind the scene.

Dick says that the Government of Israel has refused to take organs from China.  Nan explains that Israeli patients will not receive insurance money to receive organ donations in China.  Dick is deeply concerned about continuing forced organ donation.

The team discusses the Eric Swalwell scandal involving the Chinese spy Christine Fang, social media censorship and several other topics.

Billy suggests that it would be horrific to be given an organ without knowing were it came from.

Judith asks from the spelling of Jennifer Zeng’s name and how to find out more about her.  Judith also asks about the I Ching.  Nan explains that those traditional philosophies are under suppression or wiped out in Communist China.

Jeff thinks there should be a t-shirt that says, “Biden: America for sale everything must go!”.

Nan mentions that, under the Trump administration, more Chinese companies are being removed from the US stock exchange for having military connections.

Pure Heart asks about Chinese culture.  Nan talks about the history and philosophy of Daoism.

Jerome is curious about Google being allowed into China.  Nan explains how Google went back to China to build cloud computing services and gather big data for AI research.

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