Nan Su announces the “bombshell news” that close to 2 million names of CCP members has been leaked, including 133 employee’s of Qualcomm, 252 employee’s of Boeing, 69 employee’s Pfizer, 71 employee’s of NYU, 3 employee’s of the US consulate in Shanghai.

Also, Hunter Biden has been exposed by the Daily Mail for having sent an email in 2017 to Chinese oil mogul Ye Jianming, with ‘best wishes from the entire Biden family’ requesting 10 million dollars “quickly”.

Amy Hao returns to the story just after her and the doctor are picked up by a truck. The doctor later invited Amy to join him for dinner, which happened to be Christmas day 1972. Of course, religion was strongly discouraged and persecuted. When Amy met the doctor, there was a closed church high up on a hill. Because of the remoteness of the region, Communism did not reach the area until 1955. The Red Guard burned the church in 1957, but the church was rebuilt by the villagers. The village father and his family was locked in a cage for over a month, before the villagers helped him escape.

Amy recalls the Christmas dinner being the most delicious thing she had tasted in her life. She describes the doctor whistling and wild roosters flying in. She describes the unique ingredients of the amazing meal. Every Christmas Amy remembers this one Christmas in 1972. Nan comments on how extraordinarily fortunate it was that Amy would find fellow Christians at that time, in that particular place. Miracles do happen, Amy contends.

Bill Graff directs people to the internet to look up the current contention between Australia and China, because of the communist party “infiltration”. 79,000 CCP branches have been set up within western organizations, representing close to 2 million CCP members. Amy asks Nan how much coverage this story has in main stream US media.

Billy points out how frighting it is that Boeing, the big aircraft and defense contractor, would have this sort of infiltration. He wants to know if Boeing is firing these people?

Amy recalls that when she applied for citizenship, she had to answer if she was a member of the CCP. Did these folks simply lie? Billy wonders why background checks were apparently not run on these employee’s.

Nan points out that Qualcomm is one of the leading 5G development companies.

Amy thinks it has a lot to do with money. Billy calls that, “the understatement of the program today”.

Brian calls in to suggest that China dominates 5G “because they bought up all the cesium”. He mentions a Canadian mine, the only source of cesium being controlled by Chinese interests.

Nan explains that we tend to trust the free market, while the CCP acts strategically.

Nan brings up the fact that Pfizer has 69 CCP employee’s. Billy questions what sort of role those employee’s might have. Though they may not be involved with the vaccines, they are trying to influence the company. Billy assumes these companies will investigate the people identified.

Nan says he hasn’t heard about any reaction from these companies, possibly because all those companies have business interests in China.

Amy points out that China is not so much cheap labor anymore, but the Chinese market is very attractive.

Billy recalls a friend wanting to buy a Harley, ship it to China and sell it. He said they sell in China for $90,000.

Amy mentions that the Canadian government has been training the Chinese military in Arctic warfare.

Nan mentions the Trump administrations recent shut down of 5 major US/China exchange programs.

Nan mentions that many of the CCP members are part of HSBC.

Flinks calls to ask “Would the planet be better off if there were less powers? Isn’t it important for humanity to have more than one power?” Flinks wonders if there is any chance of a “silver lining”, perhaps if China were to reform.

Nan recommends comparing today’s CCP with any previous evil government in five aspects and suggests that the CCP is “the biggest threat in the history of mankind”.

Zach calls to say that the CCP does not a balance, they want power. He mentions Charlie Freedman saying that, if China had more US like values the world would be a lot more Chinese.


Marsha calls wondering if there is a place to get a transcript of the show.

Nan talks about the US military fighting for freedom, not to occupy other countries.

Nan points out the risks of doing business in China, based on the lessons of history.

Nan introduces Trevor Loudon the hour two guest, well known New Zealand author of “The Enemy Within”. Nan asks how Trevor started to study the CCP’s infiltration into the US. Trevor describes the propaganda around Trump being a fascist or the problem of white supremacy as originating in China. He suggests CCP affiliated organizations like the Chinese Progressive Association are supporting left wing politicians.

Nan asks about the sources of funding for these organizations. Trevor points out that funding comes from US corporations, various non-profits and Chinese businessmen. The money may not come directly from the CCP, but the CCP has a lot of influence over them.

Trevor suggests that Black Lives Matter was a project of the CCP. He suggests that the FBI turns a blind eye, because of Democrat involvement with the CCP. He suggests connections between the CIA, the Homeland Security dept. and socialists sympathizers.

Trevor describes the connections between several left wing, get out the vote organizations including Seed The Vote, the Chinese Progressive Association and the CCP. He also describes relationships between BLM leadership, Liberation Road, Asians for Black Lives and the Chinese Progressive Association.

Trevor suggests ANTIFA has relations, not so much with China, but with Venezuela and Cuba. Trevor suggests there are a lot of young university students who are drawn toward Maoism.

Nan asks why big corporations give money to Maoist associated organizations in the US. Trevor suggests that big businesses like the communist model, where monopolies are encouraged., Enemies Within

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