Nan asks “Was 2020 a good year or a bad year?” He suggests that for most people it was a bad year. However, the American people had a “great awakening” regarding the treat from Communist China.

Amy suggests that things are going to start getting better. Next year is the year of the Ox and the Ox will change the bad luck of the universe. Amy did some soul searching regarding her experiences in the “re-education” camp. She describes how land owners or wealthy farmers were considered the enemy and poor farmers were the examples to learn from. She was assigned to visit a poor farmer to learn from them regularly. Her partner or “red couple”, was still alive 50 years later. Amy knew the family she met meant something to her, but didn’t realize she meant something to them.

Nan explains that the Cultural Revolution was in part a power struggle between Chairman Mao and Chairman Leo. Mao was in political trouble because of his failures in the Great Leap Forward. So, his wife started the Cultural Revolution to secure his power. Nan explains that the Cultural Revolution was a process to destroy traditional culture. Michael Olsen mentions that more affluent family’s like Amy’s needed to be “re-educated”.

Nan describes factories and schools being closed in 1966 with all the young folks being sent to rewrite history. Michael Olsen points out the similarity to ANTIFA and the Riots of 2020.
Nan explains that the youth participating in the CR ended up with no real education and no job opportunities. As a solution they instituted the Up to the Mountain and Down to the Valley program” Amy was a part of.

Amy describes reading her old diary to recall what had happened when she was coupled with the poor farmer. Amy describes a conversation in which she explained that she was told that she had to be “Mao’s child”. She explains that the visiting children were thought to be orphans by the farmers. The farmers did not understand why someone with a family would want to live with a different family. MO mentions that part of the communist ideology was to destroy the connection with the family. Amy recalls explaining to the family that “Mao was their savior”. They didn’t understand who Mao was or why he would want to save them.

MO recommends watching Amy’s Christmas miracle Video. Watch it here now!

MO thinks the biggest thing about 2020 was the presidential election, because it contains everything else. Amy suggests that the election was a test to see if we still have the system we had before. Nan suggests that the one thing all these things have in common is the CCP. MO describes how many Americans think of the CCP as a political party similar to Democrats or Republicans, not realizing that when there is only one party with total control, there is no give and take. Nan point out that the CCP is not beholden to pay respect to humanity. He describes how the communism of Karl Marx differs from the Christian based morality of the US. Where the US tries to heal the bad part of humanity with love, the CCP intends to deny both the good and bad part of humanity.

MO talks about the Hong Kong professor who attempted to calculate how many people were killed in the Great Leap Forward, he found that it was 40-60 million. He asks, if they are willing to do this to their own people “What would they not do?”

Cornell Terry describes the avaricious people who control China, as having not ethics to restrain them from stealing intellectual property or natural resources.

MO asks if the CCP has ethics. Amy says, “absolutely not”. They want people to become “like a robot”. When the whole world thought they would become like us, we in fact are becoming more like them.

Cornell Terry suggests that the CCP has been bribing Bill and Hillary Clinton from long before the time they entered presidency. He mentions evidence that Bill was approached as an asset before he entered politics. Terry thinks %15 of Americans could apply the word ethics to China. Though he does think we are waking up.

Nan says the CCP in the last 20 years, in negotiations, is no different to negotiation with North Korea. If they can get something, they will agree to it. Though they have no intention of upholding their side of the deal.

The team talks about the lack of voting or any meaningful representation in China.

MO asks if environmentalists are the “useful idiots” for the CCP?

MO tells the story of being driven to the country past a refinery. MO has come to believe recently that industrial activity is stigmatized, while we send our economy to China. MO mentions an article (which can be found on referring to the KGB’s relationship to the concept of the “nuclear winter” being pushed to the environmental community in the early 80’s. Nan suggests that there are many CCP connections to environmental organizations.

Nan brings up “the Club of Rome”, a group of retired political leaders that attempts to find “the unity of mankind”. Nan says that in 1992 Agenda 21 was instituted to prevent Global Warming.

Jonty joins the conversation to discuss the irony of industrial decline in the US in the name of environmentalism, while the dirtiest energy industry the world produces our products in China. He mentions the retirement of Hydroelectric in California and suggests that one of the most environmentally friendly actions to advocate for is local re-industrialization.

MO asks Amy about being taken into the re-education program, while Mao turned the peasants into the “ruling class of China”, what did she learn from the peasants? Amy mentions that the poor farmers she knew had a good independent life, where hard work made your own prosperity. Amy mentions the holidays and festivals they celebrated before 1949. She also mentions how the heavy taxes from the CCP created much of their suffering.

Nan says that the CCP really wanted the poor to physically kill the landlords. Amy says they used the machete. She recalls how the children and grandchildren of the wealthy would be tortured. She describes how those who hid food from the CCP were killed.

The team talks about how China is industrializing their agriculture and also importing a lot of food.

Gary calls in to suggest that digital money will be a major factor in “the means of control”.

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