Nan read a report from the World Health Organization concluding that the Coronavirus was not from the Wuhan laboratory, but likely from an animal. Nan suggests that both conclusions are suspect. He mentions the US re-entry to the WHO and questions if it is worth it.

Amy reminds us that it is Chinese New Years Eve and already Chinese New Year in China.  Amy describes a video celebrating “The Year Of The Ox”.

She mentions a Chinese official report describing Biden and Xi’s phone conversation.

Today Amy is going to talk about brain washing. She describes the 1000 thousand or so people on the train to the re-education camp and the 35 she was with who comforted each other and have stayed in touch. Many have moved to New Zealand, France, Germany and other places.  They recently decided to have a zoom meeting.  She explains that their camp was considered a “model camp” which was required to send a representative to Beijing to Mao. She explains that their camp was very isolated, but had some exposure to Burma. 

There was a man who was sent from their group to see Mao. When he returned, people wanted to shake his hand because he had shaken Mao’s hand.  On his return, his personality totally changed. He acted with a new authority. He considered himself a sort of god and thought he was above doing regular work. Amy explains that, many years later, she was told not to invite the man, because he had made aggressive sexual advances. 

Amy was shocked to see a photograph of the man many years later. From what she heard, he had had a good life, but everything changed after Mao’s death. Amy thinks, because he had shaken Mao’s hand, that he expected special treatment, but received none. He became involved in gambling. Only after his parents death did he rehabilitate himself with the help of his daughter. Though he lived in poverty, he always believed he deserved better because he had shaken hands with Mao.

Billy and Nan suggest the WHO is producing propaganda. Mentioning that the WHO is suggesting that the coronavirus came from frozen meat, Nan suggests that, if you don’t know you should just admit you don’t know.  He mentions that the WHO report says it it unlikely from bats. Nan suggests the WHO is promoting the version of the story from the Communist Regime.  Nan mentions what a strange coincidence it is that Wuhan has a lab conducting experiments on coronavirus.

Billy mentions the WHO calling for no further study into the theory that the virus was leaked from a lab. He asks “what is the motivation?”  Nan mentions the Australian senator who said, through the investigative process, China has acted like it has something to hide. The WHO hasn’t exactly “covered its self in glory”. We need the inquiry to start right away if we are going to find any meaningful conclusions.  Nan asks, “if you can not find the source, how can you exclude the possibility that it came from the lab.”

Billy suggests that we follow the money and says we should look at where the WHO gets its funding. He mentions that the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation provides about 10% of the WHO funding. Nan mentions that all the high tech companies, including Microsoft, have been in the Chinese market for decades. The story, he says, keeps changing. Nan suggests that, if you are telling the truth, the story does not change. Nan mentions the CCP ambassador who claimed the virus was brought to China by the US military. The Chinese foreign minister has recently claimed that the virus started in multiple location around the world, but China was the first to report it.  Amy mentions that the Chinese citizen reporter who helped break the story was sentenced to prison.

Billy mentions that Taiwan very quickly took meaningful steps to protect their population, long before the US and long before the WHO.  Amy suggests that Taiwan had undercover intelligence gathering info on the outbreak, because they knew the Chinese government could not be trusted. Taiwan’s CDC was much more prepared, because they did not trust the CCP or the WHO.

Billy asks, “Show we trust the World Health Organization?”  Nan asks, “Should we allow our taxpayer money go to this organization?”

Billy asks, “What does the World Health Organization actually do for the worlds health?” Nan mentions that Taiwan has never been allowed to participate in the WHO, not even as an observer, because of pressure from the CCP.

Neil loves the show, but finds it frustrating to hear Amy remotely. He says that, if she wrote a book, he’d buy it. He mentions that Pompeo’s response to the WHO report was to say, “There is a reason we pulled our money out of the WHO.”

Billy mentions how Amy’s story about propaganda and brain washing is very similar to the WHO’s report. He mentions that many news organizations are calling the report “A WHO Whitewash”.


Nan laments that people have a very short memory these days. He recalls our state department release stating that the CCP knew about the outbreak in November of 2019. The South China Morning post reported on sickness in Wuhan in November. In early January, doctors were being detained for “spreading rumors” about a SARS like outbreak.  Nan mentions various important facts about the coronavirus timeline.

Nan mentions that China’s top military bio-weapons expert was sent to take over the response in Wuhan China. Nan mentions that the Wuhan lab had been conducting both civilian and military research.

Billy asks Amy if we should trust the Chinese government if they are conducting both civilian and military research in the same location. “Are you kidding me! Absolutely not!”, she responds.

The team asks what the current administrations response is to the WHO report.

Donna suggests that, after “what China has done to the whole world” they do not deserve our trust.  Nan says that it is very important to figure out what the origin is. He mentions the sanctions China placed on Australian industries just for suggesting that we needed an nonindependent investigation.

Gary mentions a variety of information and suggests that Leon Panetta is a communist collaborator.

Lee suggests the subject of where this started is way overdue to be addressed.

Westside Al suggests that advanced military countries have biological programs and that is the real problem. He fears that bio-weapons are “how war is going to be fought in the future.” Nan makes a strong argument for decoupling.

Amy mentions the phone call between Xi and Biden, suggesting it was a much bigger story in China.

Pete suggests that the US has come culpability, because the US helped finance virus research in China. He suggests that big US corporations move jobs to China and defend the CCP.

Nancy says, “This is the best show on air anywhere”. She points to the connection between “corporations who listen to money above all else” and the mess we find our selves in.  She suggests we should focus less on profit and do things ourselves.

Mike asks about the show archive.

Keith appreciates the show.  He suggests that some of the first reports out of China were repeated “word for word” by the WHO.

Nan and Amy close with Chinese Happy New Years good wishes for all.

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