Lots of people have asked Amy if anyone wanted to escape from the re-education camp. Amy says she only knows one person, who happened to be her neighbor. She never knew him, but apparently they were on the same train to the re-education camp.

She recalls her mother pawning off her wedding ring to get enough money to buy some food from Hong Kong. Amy recalls that gradually all her mothers jewelry went to the pawn shop.  The shop owner gave his son a Rolex as insurance to pay for a way home.  There were “coyote’s” who would help people escape from China. Amy considered escaping to Burma, but did not know what she could do once she got there.  Amy recalls hitchhiking closer to the border.  She recalls the first battle was untrained kids who “all got killed”.

Amy describes how difficult it would be to communicate with someone in Burma to get transport to Hong Kong. The pawn shop owners son traded his Rolex for passage to Burma, with the hope of meeting a relative in Hong Kong, but later his dead body was found, most likely having been killed for his watch.

Nan recalls two school mates attempting to escape through Vietnam in 1973.  They were caught. The entire school watched as the two kids were shamed. Nan explains that, in China, everything you do goes into your personal file which follows you for the rest of your life.

Olsen thinks that China has “turned its self into a prison”. 

Anna Chen joins from “somewhere in Europe”.  Michael Olsen explains that Anna is co-author of an article in The Gateway Pundit, explaining the expertise of Dr. Lawrence Sellin. Michael Olsen describes the article “China’s Next More Dangerous Bio-weapon and How the U.S. is Helping Them Build It“.  Anna used to work in the pharmaceutical industry in both China and Europe. She has expertise in the fusion of civilian and military research in China.

Olsen asks how Anna and Dr. Sellin became focused on the Chines bio-weapons industry.  Anna explains that there is a lot of disinformation with regards to the Coronavirus and suggests that people should “dig in and find out the truth”.  Anna explains that the CCP and PLA have published many works, but only in Chinese. When she began translating some of these documents and posting them on Twitter, she drew the attention of Dr. Sellin and they began co-operating.

Anna explains that she received threatening texts from the CCP, but that “I have to do this” research.  Nan asks what kind of link she has found between the Wuhan Institute of Virology and the Chinese military. Anna explains that many of the WIV employees are part of the PLA.  Nan recalls that, in 2015, Xi Jinping described military and civil fusion.  In January of 2017, the PLA officially established a civil-military fusion committee.  Olsen elaborates that all civilian research in China is shared with the CCP and PLA.

Anna explains that any institution in China can be transformed into the military if the CCP wants it to.  Anna explains that she has a lot of experience in biology even though she does not have a phd.  She further explains that she .  Olsen asks if it is difficult to find information in Chinese. Anna explains that much of the information has been removed in the past year.  She suggests that we do not know how many viruses they are working on so it is urgent that we find out.

Nan asks about two other viruses Anna had mentioned in the article.  Anna describes the flaviviruses group and mentions that Zika is in that group.  Anna mentions General Dr. Li-Meng Yan, who had published an article in a Chinese journal in 2010 with other senior PLA officers, in which flaviviruses are described in such a way as to suggest that COVID19 might be a test of a similar bio-weapon.  Anna explains that many flaviviruses are much more dangerous. Flaviviruses are usually transmitted via insects, but CCP scientists are working to make them human to human transferable.

Olsen asks Anna about the articles assertion that COVID19 has multiple attributes that suggest that it has been enhanced to cause a variety of symptoms. Anna explains that her focus is mostly on connecting military personnel than on the details of the viruses.  However, it is very clear based on attributes of the virus that it has been engineered in the lab.

Olsen mentions that Dr. Sellin described the COVID19 virus as a “poodle with the head of an alligator.”  Michael Olsen mentions the speech by Comrade Chi Haotian, in which he suggests that the use of biological weapons to “clean up America” would achieve the aims of the CCP.

Anna’s understanding is that the CCP can not challenge the US under international law or militarily. So the CCP is using biological weapons in order to reach their political and economic goals. Nan asks if Anna thinks COVID was purposely leaked or accidentally leaked.  Anna recommends a book titled, “Unnatural Origin of SARS and Genetic Weapons Based On Artificial Human Infectious Viruses”.  She quotes from the book, “Contemporary genetic weapons usage is deceiving and hard to expose.”

Anna explains that community testing is a vital step in developing a bio-weapon. She suggests that a deliberate release would be part of bio-weapon research.  Olsen mentions that Dr. Sellin suggested the virus was intentionally released.  Anna’s personal view is that it was a deliberate release as well.

Michael Olsen asks how Anna and Dr. Sellin came to the conclusion that COVID19 was intentionally manufactured and released by the CCP.  Anna mentions that the CCP and PLA have done massive amounts of “gain of function” research on many viruses.  She also suggests that a community test is a vital step in creating a functional weapon.  Olsen asks if COVID19 is just a test for something coming in the future.  Anna mentions that more research and development is being done on bio-weapons and that the CCP is in possession of many more bio-weapons. She believes there will be more dangerous bio-weapons in the future.

Anna describes that the CCP’s bio-weapon operates on three levels: 1) a secret level composed of military research centers and hospitals 2) Chinese Universities and civilian research centers (like the WIV) 3) CCP and PLA scientists in the US, conducting research with colleagues in China.  She suggests that US virology labs have become functioning subsidiaries of China’s bio-warfare program.

Olsen asks about “chain migration”, describing the process wherein thousands of students have moved to the US.  Anna explains that CCP and PLA scientists settle in the US, then invite their colleagues, who work with bio-warfare colleagues in China.  She describes a Chinese professor at a military medical university, who is also a guest professor at a Chinese civilian university. He applied to be a “visiting scholar” at a US university using his civilian university affiliation.  The US universities have no way to know his military background.

Olsen asks about the “Thousand Talents” program. Anna explains that there are many such programs run by the CCP, though they are often run by Chinese municipalities to obscure the connection to the CCP.  Olsen mentions that there are 60,000 “Thousand Talents” in the US or around the world.  Anna suggests that she can look into that to find some hard evidence.

Billy asks how it is that these researches have not had their credentials checked. Anna explains that military connections are very well hidden. Olsen asks if the US helped fund the development of COVID19. Anna explains that America is a very great country with is very generous with its technology.  “That is the point that the CCP takes advantage of.”  She does not believe that the US is intentionally supportive of the CCP’s bio-warfare program.

Rob shares his theory that COVID19 was brought to the US intentionally after the Chinese New Year.  Olsen asks Anna when she things COVID19 leaked or was released.  Anna mentions the possibility that it was released in October of 2019.  She would like to see more hard evidence.  Though she points out the CCP’s destruction of samples and failure to have an independent and transparent investigation. She asks what their motivations would be.

Al suggests that some groups are more susceptible to viruses. Given that China has been attempting to collect genetic data from around the world, he asks if there is any evidence of bio-weapons being targeted to certain peoples.  Anna replies that she does not know if such a weapon exists, but confirms that China is collecting genetic data from around the world.

John asks if there are US officials involved in the CCP’s bio-warfare program.  Anna suggests that she will look into that.  Olsen asks what the relationship is between Dr. Fauci and the WIV. Anna suggests that Dr. Fauci would know about that.

Col Terry compliments Anna on her courage and intelligence.

Marsha wonders “how the bad guys stop from dying?”  Anna says that if we do things for good reasons, she believes we will persevere.

Dick suggests that China’s intention is to use a bio-weapon to take over the United States. He is concerned about EMP weapons.

Billy points out that courage is infectious and shows his gratitude for Anna’s journalism.

Angel suggests that Dr. Fauci is a traitor and asks why he would be a part of “this”, having pulled strings to continue funding gain of function research at the WIV.

Mary suggests that, if we are going to listen to our government, how do we know which of them is actually telling us the truth.  Anna suggests that the truth is found out by doing ones own investigations.  We need to find it ourselves.  She suggests that Dr. Fauci has contributed to the CCP bio-warfare program directly and indirectly, but he might not know the full picture.  She does think his background would allow him to find out more.

Nick describes a native American folklorists song in which she says, “if the bad guys don’t get you, then the good guys will”.

Olsen asks if the US has any secrets left “that the Chinese do not own”?  Anna does believe that the US can survive this process and that the CCP “is not as strong as we thought”. She suggests that the use of bio-warfare is an admission of the CCP’s inability to compete in more conventional ways.

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