General Mark Milley

Amy introduces Steve from New York, explaining that they both went to the same High School and also the same re-education camp.  After moving to the US, he returned several times to China to observe the situation regarding human rights.

Amy mentions a movie about the re-education camps called “We will see you again in A Dream”.  Amy recounts that a 17 year old girl killed 50 years ago’s murder case has never been solved. Amy explains that she was well liked for her good looks and dancing.  Amy recalls that the girls would often go to the bathroom together, but one night this young girl went to the bathroom alone and never came back.

Two suspects were arrested. One was a young man thought to have been her boyfriend. He was put in a horrible improvised prison for several months until he confessed. Though he confessed, he did not know where the body was.  A communist officer was also arrested. People had said that he was in the area of the bathroom that night.  Witnesses said that the girl had left his office screaming.  He confessed as well, saying the body was under a building foundation. When the location was investigated, there was no body.

Amy explains that the mother is still looking for the killer 50 years later.

Amy explains that the movies debut party was awkward in that every speech started with praise for Chairman Xi.

Amy thinks Xi wants a return to the power and abuse of Mao. Nan suggests “it is moving in that direction right now”.

Steven joins the show. Steven explains that he was born in a Christian family in Shanghai. However, the communist brainwashing was pervasive. In the 80’s he studied in Canada and later moved to the United States. He explains that his “journey in faith” went from communism, to atheism and eventually to becoming an elder in his church.

Steven explains that the CCP constitution protects religious freedom, however the constitution “does not hold water”.  He explains that, since he became a Christian he has had a special concern for Christians in China. However, he is aware of the abuse of Uyghurs as well.  He explains that early on every church in China was closed and every priest or minister was send to prison or re-education. 

He continues to describe how persecution continues, but focused on “house churches” in a more targeted manner.  He recalls being deeply touched by a service he attended at a large “house church”, knowing that the church was soon to be closed and many parishioners were likely to loose their jobs.  Shortly after Stevens return to the US, the church was raided and the senior pastor was imprisoned.

Steven explains how being able to freely assemble to practice is an “unimaginable luxury” by his fellow Christians in China.

Michael Olsen describes the special deal between the Chinese Catholic Church and the CCP, wherein the CCP would choose the church leadership. Steven explains that all religions in China have leadership that are under party control. He describes how CCP symbols would accompany religious symbology in a church “if they want to survive”. 

Michael remarks that the concept of a “Home Church” hearkens back to the beginnings of Christianity and asks if that has a positive effect on people faith. Steven remarks on underground churches in Turkey built to escape Roman persecution.  He describes two prominent churches in China, explaining that they have gatherings “in the open”. Those churches are targets for persecution.  There are, however, many smaller house churches. He describes how your neighbor could be a “house church” and you might not know.

Steven describes how Marxism and Leninism consider religion “opiates”. Olsen asks why the CCP is more frightened of religions, speculating that it is because of growth in religious followers. Steven suggests that some leaders are more lenient or open minded, saying that the current regime wants to return to more ideology.

Steven says that Jesus will win in the long run.

Michael Olsen asks if General Mark Milley is a hero or a traitor. Nan introduces General Paul Vallely.
Nan asks how the Joint Chief Chairman has the right to inform their Chinese counterpart of an attack. General Vallely suggests that, it is only treason in a time of war. However, bypassing the President is a clear breach of conduct under the Uniform Code of Military Justice.  General Vallely suggests that the statements in the book first have to be validated. If they are true, then it should lead to a military tribunal.  He also suggests the Afghan withdraw included prosecutable failures.

Michael mentions the lack of “rule of law” in China and asks if we are having a similar problem with rule of law in the US. General Vallely mentions multiple crimes that have not been brought to trial in the US and suggest that we don’t have a fare system here.

Nan asks how dangerous the sort of behavior exhibited by General Milley is. General Vallely suggests that the main issue with the call is that General Milley usurped the power of the president. General Vallely explains that Mark Esper was the one who set up the phone call and would be guilty of crimes if this is proven to be true.

Amy asks if the book was intended to make General Milley look like a hero. General Vallely suggests that the book was written to make money and asserts that “General Milley is not a hero to anybody”.

General Vallely suggests that the Chinese generals think that the US leadership is a mess.

Cornell Terry thinks that Trump was a national security threat. He thinks General Milley did the right thing.

Phillip suggests that there is an issue with regards to the chain of command. He has concerns about joint training exercises and concerns about the Logan’s Act.

Mark thinks Milley is a traitor.  He suggests Biden would pardon him if he was convicted of a crime. Mark also thinks the presidential election was stolen, suggesting the government is riddled with traitors. 

General Vallely mentions the group who want to restore our republic.

Estelle has two sons who served in the military.  She thinks the lord used President Trump.  She thinks the current administration is turning the US communist.

Nan is shocked that a US general would make “that kind of statement”. General Vallely shares his sentiment and laments the last 9 months of President Biden’s administration.

Angel is disgusted with people like Cornell Terry. She is very supportive of Trump. She wants some sort of grand jury to investigate our government. The general has serious questions about the November election.

Rory asks about who General Obama “let go” from the military. General Vallely suggests that there have been a very large number of officers who were purged for political reasons. Rory suggests that, if General Milley really had concerns about President Trump, then he should have resigned in protest.  General Valley suggests Trump should have fired him.

Mark suggests that the people in the government think they know what’s best for us.

Sean has concerns with regards to “denial of assets to the enemy” in Afghanistan, suggesting that Biden overrode General Milley’s concerns. General Valley suggests that a private who gives away their firearm would be court-martialed. The US military left 80 billion dollars worth of equipment in Afghanistan.

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