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Michael Olsen begins telling “the story of the letter”, explaining that it was “the letter that destroyed science”. Recalling January 2020, “when the COVID bleep hit the fan”, Olsen points out that it was described as a “novel virus” that came from bat soup. He points out that some people, himself included, were not quite convinced. He recalls a guest on his Food Chain Radio show who tracked down the original photo of bat soup, discovering that the photo originated from the CCP and was originally taken in an Indonesian restaurant.

Going back to the Obama administration, Olsen points out a petition in 2014 of 300 scientists to stop doing gain of function research, regarding the research activities of Professor Ralph Baric. The program was consequently terminated, but then taken up by the so called “bat lady”, who took the research back to Wuhan.

Olsen returns us to February 2020, when Peter Daszak arranged to have 27 scientists to sign the letter published in the Lancet. Olsen reads the letter, which suggests that the scientists in China were transparent in sharing their data. It then goes on to say that that transparency is threatened by the “conspiracy theory” that the virus may have originated in a Wuhan lab and strongly pressures the scientific community in condemning any such theory. The letter declared that there were “no competing interests”.

Olsen explains that Peter Daszak, through the Eco Health Alliance was taking money from various US organizations and using it for gain of function research in multiple places including Wuhan. Olsen suggests that the effect of the letter was to shut down any scientific research.

Olsen points out that the recent Freedom Of Information disclosures acquired by The Intercept have proven that Dr. Fauci absolutely funded gain of function research in Wuhan.

The Lancet recently published another letter, from a different set of scientists, who suggest that the possibility of a lab leak should be investigated. The article “The Death Of Science” suggests that the enemies of science are “politics, superstition and deduction”.

Nan introduces the guest Elmer Yuen, president of the Hong Kong Freedom Beacon, explaining that the Hong Kong Alliance has been holding a Tienanmen Square memorial for decades and its leadership has just been sentenced to prison.

Elmer Yuen explains that he has been attending the candle light vigil for almost 25 years, pointing out that the vigil attracts “tens of thousands” annually. He explains that, after last years “National Security Law”, arrests have been commonplace and intended to intimidate. He points out that some arbitrary arrests can last a year.

Nan asks what the reason for the arrest of the 12 activists. Elmer Yuen says that the arrests are completely arbitrary, mentioning that a young girl was arrested for having a package of M&M’s, under the pretext that she intended to have an illegal gathering.

Elmer Yuen mentions that Xi Jinping was part of the Red Guard, describing the organization as “street gangsters”. He describes Xi’s moves to make China more authoritarian under his rule.

Nan asks about Elmer Yuen’s family still in Hong Kong. He explains his remaining family plan to leave. He describes how he communicates with them using extreme privacy measures and in code. Elmer Yuen describes how his mother was put in a labor camp for 20 years for her religious beliefs.

Billy asks how this “hard line CCP situation” will effect business. Elmer Yuen suggests that China was heading towards melting “into the global system” prior to Xi’s rise to power. He asserts that Xi intends to return private capitol to the control of the CCP. He describes a variety of Chinese industry that are being destroyed by Xi’s policies, suggesting that he is returning to communism and preparing for war with the west.

Olsen asks if the authoritarian push by Xi is a part of his strategy to win a third term in office. Elmer Yuen suggests that Xi does not have enough party support, but he does have control of the military and the police. Elmer Yuen suggests that China’s economy is “in chaos”.

Nan asks about the effect on Hong Kong and mainland China’s stock markets from the real estate debacle surrounding Evergrand, specifically with regards to the policy of “common prosperity”. Elmer Yuen explains that Xi is taking away power from big developers. He points out that the CCP once executed people for owning capitol, describing how all property ownership was eliminated by 1959. He suggests that all Chinese businesses will be returned to the state, starting with the big businesses.

Olsen asks what Biden meant by “cooperating” with the CCP. Elmer Yuen suggests that the CCP is the “enemy of the world” and if you work with them, “you end up losing”. Olsen asks what should be said to Western industrialists who are attracted to China’s large market. Elmer Yuen suggests that the CCP is “like a cancer” spreading over the world.

Nan asks about the upcoming events organized by the Hong Kong Freedom Beacon. Elmer Yuen describes how former Secretary Pompeo and Miles Yue? He describes two upcoming events with them. More information can be found on

Nan mentions that the British government gave Hong Kongers with passports prior to 1997 have a path to citizenship in the UK. Elmer Yuen suggests that “according to international law” everyone born in Hong Kong prior to 1997 should be British Citizens, but explains that the UK has not fully honored this by adding further stipulations. He also points out that the people in Hong Kong did not have a say in the handover from the UK to China in 1997. He suggests that Hong Kong should not belong to China.

Nan suggests that Mark Milley’s phone call to his Chinese counterpart is “cooperation” with China, asking if that is what Biden and Pelosi have in mind. The team discuss the economic costs of the US relationship with China over the past 20 years.

Dick suggests that we should not cooperate. Dick sarcastically suggests that stopping the investigation into Hunter Biden’s laptop would be a good way to cooperate.

Cruz suggests that, if we all get a vaccine, we don’t have to think about where the virus came from.

Andres mentions that, during the cold war, the economies were separated, but with China, there are “competing interests”.

Nan suggests that the Quad should call for China to transition toward democratic government.

John suggests that we should not give people too much power, sharing concerns about the “totalitarian left”.

Mark has concerns about Dr. Fauci’s connections with the gain of function research. He’s also interested in tariffs and reshoring.

Lole mentions Biden’s new China Trade Czar named “Mr. Bend Over”.

George asks if people are happy with the way Biden handled Afghanistan, suggesting “he’s a world embarrassment”.

George suggests that the CCP owns Biden and sparks a debate.

Mike says that “When your government is a tyranny, patriots become rebels.” He suggests that the Constitution has been compromised and laments our loss of freedom.

Mary suggests we should “donate a kidney or a lung and you will cooperate”.

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