Chinese sing National Anthem

HELL ON EARTH: Zero Covid In China, People Being Dragged Screaming, Clubbed–Protests Breaking Out On A Massive Scale, Nothing Left To Lose

Mass Protests In China Live | China News Today | Xi Jingping | China Protests | COVID19 China Live

Toad King vs. Pooh Bear: Jiang Zemin’s death spells trouble for Chinese ruler Xi Jinping

Apple hobbled a crucial tool of dissent in China weeks before widespread protests broke out

Klaus Schwab praises Xi’s dictatorship

Xi convinces Fauci to lock down

We haven’t forgotten.
The Western media’s coverage of China’s anti-lockdown protests seems odd.

China making South China Sea a nuclear missile launchpad

In light of great power competition, DOD reevaluating irregular warfare and info ops

From Coercion to Invasion: The Theory and Execution of China’s Cyber Activity in Cross-Strait Relations

China just announced a new social credit law. Here’s what it means.

So this is what capitulation by a great power looks like

The End of China

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