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In hour one Amy will tell another insightful story from the Chinese Cultural revolution. After which Michael Olsen will present another History Of The Cultural Revolution with a focus on Mao’s “Eliminate Sparrows Campaign”.

In the second hour, we will be joined by Today’s Guest: Levi Browde, Executive Director with the New York based Falun Dafa Information Center, joins us to discuss the global persecution of Falun Gong practitioners (also known as Falun Dafa).

The CCP Now Extends The Human Rights Violations To The Western World, Tracking Falun Gong Practitioners Outside Of China. What Can The US Government Do?

Know Before The Show

Levi Browde Bio

Beijing Targets Falun Gong Expats in US, Tracking Their Whereabouts

Why China Persecutes Falun Gong

Will the World Allow the Chinese Communist Party to Dictate the Arts?

In The News:

The Return of the Quad: Will Russia and China Form Their Own Bloc?

Solomon Yue retweeting a post by Jennifer Zeng with the comment “It means ALL #StopAsianHate” rallies in Canada & US are organized by #CCP fascist’s infiltrators. They play the race card to divide our free societies & to protect CCP crimes against humanity. I’ve never seen a security guard work w/ a fake protester to block free speech like this b4.”

RTÉ journalist: ‘We could no longer justify raising a family in a country which increasingly acts with impunity against foreign citizens’

There was a heated incident involving NASA’s website listing Taiwan as a country.

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