Joshua Philipp

Amid the continued clamp down on Hong Kong democracy and the recent destruction of the Epoch Times printing facilities in Hong Kong by a group of armed men, Joshua Philipp, investigative reporter for the Epoch Times joins us to discuss the situation in Hong Kong and provide perspective on what can be done to support democracy in China’s sphere of influence.

Live Q&A: Epoch Times Hong Kong Attacked, Global Lawmakers Respond; Trump on Supreme Court Packing – Joshua Philipp

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2 thoughts on “Is There Hope For Hong Kong? With Joshua Philipp”
  1. GREAT show, how do we follow Joshua Philipp’s work?
    Chinese Official: We Subvert America Through Wall Street Jews
    The guest mentioned a book, Red Cocaine (expensive)
    Neanderthal genes may influence COVID-19 severity
    Neanderthal gene found in many people may open cells to coronavirus and increase COVID-19 severity

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