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Amy reminds us that last week she discussed traveling to Beijing to see Chairman Mao. The students were being encouraged to travel the country to spread the revolution.  When Amy arrived in Beijing, the rally was over, but Amy stayed for 51 days. She stayed with her cousins family, surrounded by intellectuals.  Amy recalls that the families courtyard was taken over by the Red Guard. So, the family was forced to stay in one small room.  The family went to visit the Great Wall. When they returned, they all wrote poems. Amy became interested in Chinese Traditional Culture.

Amy recalls meeting the director of the Beijing Opera. He helped Amy learn to write poems. .  The mans name was Lee. He returned to his home province, he and Amy became “pen pals”. Amy begins to recount the love story of Lee and Mei. Amy mentions the beautiful red Camila flowers represented their romance, but eventually became the withered Camila.

Amy had written to her pen pal to let him know the date she was coming to visit. Amy received a letter from Mei, not sure who that was, saying she would meet Amy at the train station. When Amy exited the train, there was a very beautiful girl there to greet her.  She somehow recognized Amy.  Amy asks what happened to Lee.  Mei’s father had been a professor who was beaten to death by the Red Guard during the Cultural Revolution. When they arrived at Mei’s home, she explained that Lee had become the head of a conservative group. He had been put in jail and tortured by another political group.  Mei and Lee had been engaged.  A week after their engagement, Lee was arrested.  Mei shared some of his letters with Amy.

Amy was impressed by their commitment to each other in spite of the Cultural Revolutions.

Nan introduces Joshua Philipp.  Amy recalls Josh’s interview on the Saturday Special regarding the source of the Coronavirus.  Nan asks about the CCP attach on The Epoch Times printing office in Hong Kong.  Joshua describes how several men broke in and vandalized the printing press. He explains that there are only two news papers independent from the CCP in Hong Kong, the Apple Daily and The Epoch Times.  Joshua recalls that there was over 2million pro-democracy protestors just over a year ago.  The CCP reaction was to “take off the mask” and put Hong Kong “fully under the communist party”. 

Nan asks if The Epoch Times will be able to continue publishing and for how long.  Joshua is encouraged by the public statements of the newspaper employee’s, willing to face persecution to continue their independent newspaper.

Billy asks if it is possible for The Epoch Times to employ its own security.  Joshua does not believe that it is really an option. It would be “playing with fire”.

Amy asks what the current state of the legal system is. Joshua explains that, though the system is still structured after the old British system, but all the judges have been replaced with mainland judges and any political activity is regulated by the CCP.  Amy asks if there is hope for Hong Kong to regain freedom of speech.  Joshua has mixed feelings.  He thinks it depends on the extent to which people are willing to persecuted to keep their rights.  He also considers the reaction of the outside world.

Billy asks if Taiwan can cover for the damaged Hong Kong printing press. Joshua explains that importing a foreign newspaper creates its own difficulty.

Billy asks if Hong Kong could have a version of “Radio Free America” for Hong Kong.  Joshua explains that there are various ways to get around Chinese censorship.

Nan explains that now Hong Kong police are being trained in mainland China.  He asks “how bad is the Hong Kong government controlled by the CCP”.  Joshua describes that it is totally under the control of the CCP and that any pro-democracy politicians are facing criminal charges.

Billy recalls the free trade nature of Hong Kong in the past and asks how trade has been effected.  Joshua talks about how the CCP had traditionally used Hong Kong with special financial and trade liberties. They now use Macao.  Joshua explains that the CCP was concerned about the Hong Kong pro-democracy protests spreading to the mainland.  Nan explains that Macao is a casino economy largely controlled by one pro-CCP family.

Amy recalls that Hong Kong was officially transferred back to China in 1997.  At that time, China “needed Hong Kong’s money”. Mainland China initially invested heavily  in Hong Kong’s infrastructure.  Joshua suggests that “the CCP method”, used in the One Belt One Road project, is to use bribes and investments to take over whole societies.

Nan asks about the danger of Taiwan’s position.  Joshua suggests that Taiwan is in a much more dangerous situation. The CCP is using various influence operations in Taiwan.  Taiwan has banned some of the CCP’s operations. Now the CCP is threatening to use military force.

Billy recalls how “tourism friendly” Taiwan used to be and asks if it is still the case.  Joshua says that Taiwan is still very tourist friendly.

Joshua points out the Biden administration has continued arms sales and increased diplomatic relations with Taiwan.  However, US war gaming predicts a US loss if there was a war with the CCP over Taiwan. Joshua suggests that the Quad Alliance may deter the CCP, but that is not clear.

Wendy asks about the effect of Hong Kong dialect. Joshua suggests there are many dialects in China.

Kenny asks what a war between Taiwan and the mainland would look like? Would the CCP bomb Taiwan?  Joshua suggests that it would be more about ideology than resources. Joshua says the CCP would invade with troops.

Billy asks if there have been pushes for Taiwan to be admitted to the UN.  Joshua mentions that it has been discussed recently.

Dan asks Joshua about the relationship between the CCP and the Mexican drug cartels.  Joshua describes how fentanyl and ingredients for other drugs are supplied by China. Much of the arms also come from China.  The Chinese mafia also has a smuggling relationship with the drug cartels.

Larry asks about sound deadening equipment sales.  Joshua describes the China 2035 economic goal to surpass the US in high technology manufacturing.

Billy asks Joshua if he fears for his safety as a result of the investigative reporting he has done.  Joshua describes how a lot of his on the ground reporting resulted in quite a few in person death threats.

Al compliments Joshua’s Crossroads production and asks if The Epoch Times is still growing. Joshua says that, as far as they can tell, The Epoch Times is the fasted growing news publication in the US. Joshua thinks that The Epoch Times would be much bigger if it was not being censored.

Helen calls in to discuss Neanderthal DNA and the Covid virus.

Billy asks if the Coronavirus may have come from a Chinese lab. Joshua describes his documentary Investigating the Origins of the Wuhan Coronavirus.  The narrative regarding the wet market was not plausible.  Joshua believes there was a leak from a poorly run lab.

Joshua concludes by warning us about the treat of the CCP’s digital currency and state controlled capitalist systems.

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