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We will be joined in out first hour by Justin Chen, Vice President of San Jose Taiwanese Community Care Network.

Fast and Furious actor and WWE wrestler John Cena posted a video on his Chinese Weibo account with 600,000 fans in which he says, “It’s so so so so so so so important” that he is “so so sorry” for his mistake. His mistake was referring to Taiwan as a country in an interview, an act so egregious to the CCP, that it could well mean the loss of the mainland Chinese market for the Fast and Furious franchise. By the way, Tom Cruise’s character in the original Top Gun movie wore a jacket with the Taiwanese flag on it. In the remake of Top Gun, that flag strangely disappeared…

The Biden administration is scrambling to backtrack and save face, after CNN reported that a Trump era investigation into the possibility that COVID19 had originated in a Wuhan lab had been prematurely terminated this spring.

Are Taiwan and China “one country, two systems” or “one bully, two countries”?
Is the “lab leak hypothesis” just Trump era politics we should put behind us?
Should the US obediently attend, while China hosts the 2022 Winter Olympics?

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