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With Hong Kong and Macau now banning their annual commemorative vigils and a rising tide of CCP authoritarian power, is it fair to ask what lessons from 1989 we’ve failed to learn? We will be joined today by Zhou Fengshuo, former student leader during the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 and listed number 5 on the CCP’s most wanted list.

Zhou, Fengsuo, Co-founder and current President of Humanitarian China,advocate of human rights, Tiananmen student leader. As a physics student in Tsinghua University, Zhou organized first and only free election of a student union in 1988. During the Tiananmen protests in 1989, he built and led “Voice of the Student Movements” on Tiananmen Square. He was No. 5 on the most wanted list of student leaders after Tiananmen Massacre, was arrested and spent a year in prison. He was the lead pantiff in the civil lawsuit against Li Peng in 2000. He was director and then president of Chinese Democracy Education Foundation between 2001 and 2010. He slipped back into Beijing to commemorate the 25 anniversary of Tiananmen Massacre, was arrested and sent back, participated Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong at the same year.

He co-founded Humanitarian China in 2007. Humanitarian China is dedicated to promoting human rights and civil society in China. For more than a decade, Humanitarian China has provided humanitarian aids to hundreds of families of political prisoners and the Tiananmen Mothers, covering rights lawyers,journalists, writers,labor and feminist activists, political protesters, persecuted house churches. Humanitarian China raised fund for Ilham Tohti, the Uighur economist, after he was sentenced to life in prison.

Humanitarian China supported the victims of earth quakes in Sichuan and Yushu Tibetan area through local volunteers.Recently Humanitarian China is providing humanitarian aid to Hong Kong democracy protesters.

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