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With the dramatic rise to prominence of the “lab leak theory”, today’s guest General Paul Vallely joins us as we ask what the appropriate US response should be as it becomes increasingly likely the COVID-19 pandemic involves, at least, a massive coverup.

General Paul Vallely

What’s in the China competitiveness bill?

Trump demands 100% tariffs on Chinese goods, debt cancellation, and $10T in reparations for COVID-19

EXCLUSIVE: High-Ranking Chinese Defector Has ‘Direct Knowledge’ of Several Chinese Special Weapons Programs

China conducts amphibious landing drill near Taiwan after senators’ visit

US & Taiwan To Launch Trade Talks As G-7 Set To Highlight China Bad Behavior

China Moves Forward With Law Aimed at Countering U.S. Sanctions

The (very strong) case for COVID-19 leaking from a Chinese lab

Beijing’s useful idiots: Science journals have encouraged and enforced a false Covid narrative

China to build over two dozen bio labs like Wuhan Institute in next 5 years

SHOCK POLL: OVERWHELMING Support For U.S. Action On China If Lab Leak Proven TRUE

China faces nationalist anger over US military plane in Taiwan

Australia and New Zealand unite over China human rights issues

Biden To Ban Investments In 59 Chinese Companies Including Huawei And China’s Largest Chipmaker

Rome Could Be Washington’s Ideal Partner on China

Mach 30 Wind Tunnel Propels China Decades Ahead In Global Hypersonic Race

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