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Our first hour guest, Elmer Yuen, president of the Hong Kong Freedom Beacon will join us to talk about the recent sentencing of 12 leaders of Hong Kong Alliance.

In the second hour we will discuss the recent calls by both House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and President Jo Biden to “Cooperate” with China on Climate and COVID.

Hong Kong: Activists jailed for joining banned Tiananmen vigil
“Nine Hong Kong pro-democracy activists have been sentenced to between six and 10 months in prison for taking part in a banned vigil last year commemorating the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre. They were among 12 people who pleaded guilty to participating in the event. Three were given suspended sentences. Officials banned the 4 June vigil for the victims of China’s deadly crackdown on protesters, citing Covid measures. Critics believe the decision was part of a push to silence the opposition.”

This is the Most Terrifying Map in the World… Here’s What It Means for You
“That the Western, previously civilized world is in decline has been known to anyone with an ounce of curiosity and little analysis of data points.”

Biden to Tell UN That U.S. and China Must Cooperate on Climate and Covid
“President Joe Biden plans to make the case for the U.S. and China to cooperate on global threats including climate change in a speech to the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday, while insisting the countries are not headed for a new Cold War.”

Pelosi: Put aside China’s genocide, we need to work together on ‘overriding issue’ of climate change
“House Speaker Nancy Pelosi argued this week that it’s crucial the U.S. collaborate with China to fight climate change, which she describes as an “overriding” issue, even though she acknowledges the communist country is guilty of severe human rights abuses.”

Chinese whistleblower claims first COVID outbreak was INTENTIONAL and happened in October 2019 at Military World Games in Wuhan – two months before China notified the world about virus
“Mr Jingsheng who was exiled to the US years earlier said he was aware of what was happening through Beijing Communist Party insiders who shared their fears about the situation and described the central government cover-up.”

Aukus: Australia’s big gamble on the US over China
“Australia had long maintained it didn’t have to choose between the two powers, but in recent years its attitude towards Beijing has hardened. China has been suspected of interfering in Australian politics and of cyber attacks on key institutions. Tensions were further inflamed last year when Australia called for an investigation into the origins of the coronavirus. A flurry of Chinese sanctions against Australian exports followed. That was Australia’s “a-ha” moment, says John Blaxland, an international security professor at the Australian National University.”

China is our most important partner, says Taliban spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid
Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid claimed the organization supports China’s One Belt, One Road programme, which aims to build a massive network of ports, trains, roadways, and industrial parks to connect China with Africa, Asia, and Europe.

China’s ‘Standards 2035’ Project Could Result in a Technological Cold War
“China’s leaders believe that the process of standard-setting is the sign of a leading technological power. Increased economic and geopolitical influence is at the core of China’s pursuit to dominate the international standards stage. Along with this, addressing vulnerabilities and lapses in the existing governance framework by tweaking the standard-setting process to the state’s advantage is also an important objective for the Chinese government.”

How a Rising China Complicates Europe’s Future

“The flood of Chinese cash has done more to raise red flags than GDP. Most recently, Montenegro became a posterchild for the “debt-trap” problem a country can face after taking up a large loan from China without necessarily considering a cost-benefit analysis of holding massive, unsustainable public debt. Today, Montenegro owes Beijing over a $1 billion—a debt that is one-fifth the size of the nation’s economy. Other countries in the region, such as Bosnia Herzegovina, have also taken Chinese loans translating into significant national debt. These practices not only expand Chinese economic influence in Europe, they undermine fiscal prudence and good governance practices. “

China’s military has an Achilles’ heel: Low troop morale
“One indication came with the building of facilities for launching new intercontinental ballistic missiles in an inland desert region. The other was a series of further attempts to increase childbirths, including measures to help reduce the costly burden of educating children. Behind these moves lurks evidence that the country is addressing concerns regarding troop morale and the military’s ability to fight a sustained war.”

Biden denies China’s Xi turned down meeting offer
“It’s not true,” Biden said when asked by reporters if he was disappointed that Xi did not want to meet with him. Biden’s national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, said in a statement earlier on Tuesday that the report was “not an accurate portrayal of the call. Period.” A source who was among those briefed on the call confirmed the report was accurate. “Xi apparently intimated that the tone and atmosphere of the relationship needed to be improved first,” the source told Reuters.

IMF chief called out over pressure to favor China while at World Bank
“World Bank leaders, including then-Chief Executive Kristalina Georgieva, applied “undue pressure” on staff to boost China’s ranking in the bank’s “Doing Business 2018″ report, according to an independent investigation released Thursday.”

“The curious aspect about the Soros charges against Beijing financial transparency is that they are factually correct, based on public statements by Chinese regulators as well as Wall Street managers and regulators. China’s financial markets are opaque, and rules change unpredictably as to who gets rescued and who not. The ongoing meltdown of China’s huge Evergrande real estate and financial group is only one recent instance of the high risk of investing today in China.”

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