Shen Yun

Nan Su, Senior Reporter for the Epoch Times, joins us to describe the CCP attempts to destroy the Shen Yun performing arts classical Chinese dance company, explaining how a small group of dancers continues to defy the might of Communist China.

EXCLUSIVE UK gears up to produce rare earth magnets, cut reliance on China
Britain could revive domestic production of super strong magnets used in electric vehicles and wind turbines with government support, to cut its reliance on China and achieve vital cuts in carbon emissions, two sources with direct knowledge said.

Pollution in China’s capital is so bad right now, it’s closing highways
Beijing issued its first heavy pollution alert for the fall and winter on Thursday, requiring the suspension of some outdoor construction, factory operations and outdoor school activities. Visibility has been severely limited with the top of the city’s tallest buildings vanishing in the haze.

New Galápagos Conservation Efforts Aim to Counter China Fishing Fleet
Conservationists see the expansion of a marine reserve across a wide area of the Pacific from Ecuador to Central America as an important step toward thwarting giant Chinese fishing fleets that are accused of plundering fishing stocks. But enforcement is likely to be a challenge.

China’s Xi Jinping rewrites history to secure his political future
Elevating himself to the same stature as icons of the past has become something of an obsession for China’s current president. Xi wants to create a Holy Trinity of Chinese leaders, allowing him to establish an ideological filiation between himself and the two other great political figures in the history of Communist China. “Thus, there will now be a first political era – that of Mao Zedong’s revolution – followed by Deng Xiaoping’s second era of reforms. Xi Jinping would embody the third era, that of the consolidation of the regime,” explained Jean-Pierre Cabestan, a renowned China specialist at Hong Kong Baptist University, in a 2017 interview with FRANCE 24.

China’s Coming Food Crisis?

China Military Power Report Details Advances, Goals in 2020
“The report provides a baseline assessment of the department’s top pacing challenge, and it charts the modernization of the PLA [People’s Liberation Army] throughout 2020,” a defense official said Tuesday. “This includes the PLA developing the capabilities to conduct joint, long-range precision strikes across domains; increasingly sophisticated space, counterspace and cyber capabilities; as well as the accelerating expansion of the PLA’s nuclear forces.”

US issues warnings over China plan for military bases in Kenya
“A global PLA military logistics network and PLA military facilities could both interfere with US military operations and support offensive operations against the United States as the PRC’s global military objectives evolve.”

Circumventing censorship in the PRC
In what is seen as a reassertion of the feminist #MeToo movement in China, after the government had tamped it down for several years, Peng launched her accusation of sexual assault and prolonged liaison on her Twitter-like Weibo account.  Government authorities quickly scrubbed her post from the web, but not before screen shots had been made of it and a massive flurry of netizen discussion ensued.

T-Day The Battle For Taiwan
China’s quest to rule Taiwan has already begun with a campaign of “gray-zone” warfare. Here is how military strategists believe the struggle might play out.

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