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The World Wonders What Will Happen At The CCP’s Twentieth Party Congress Starting Oct 16th

Big 4 Accounting Firm Deloitte Given Slap on the Wrist After Allowing Firms in China to Do Their Own Audit Work
Big 4 Accounting firm Deloitte was given a minor slap on the hand by the SEC after allowing its clients to perform some of their own audit work, disregarding independence and objectivity, two pillars of the auditing profession.

China destroyed its tech giants. Here’s why.
The Chinese government cracked down on Jack Ma, Alibaba, Ant Financial, Tencent and pretty much every Chinese internet company you might have heard of, wiping out trillions of dollars in value. Here’s why.

“No Possibility Of Reconciliation” Any Longer: US And China Are Now “Officially In An Economic War”
Semiconductor stocks across the globe – in Hong Kong, Europe and certainly in the US – are tumbling after the Biden administration on Friday unveiled new restrictions on technology exports to China which are meant to undercut Beijing’s ability to develop wide swaths of its economy, from semiconductors and supercomputers to surveillance systems and advanced weapons.

UN ‘Human Rights’ Panel Votes To Ignore China’s Uyghur Abuses In Xinjiang
Last week the United Nations Human Rights Council voted 19-17 to not discuss China’s abuses against the Uyghurs in Xinjiang province – with Cuba, Venezuela, Nepal, Indonesia, Pakistan, Qatar and the UAE among the countries siding with Beijing.

How Xi Will Consolidate Power at China’s Twentieth Party Congress
Every five years, China holds what is formally called the National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party. While most decisions are made well before party congresses, the meetings matter because they’re where the Communist Party announces who will run the country for the next five years. The twentieth party congress begins on October 16.

China’s Communist Power Struggle Breakdown | Xi Jinping vs Jiang Zemin
China’s communist power struggle could be coming to a head with the 20th national party congress meeting later this month. It’s widely believed that current leader Xi Jinping will secure an almost unprecedented third term in office, which would be a blow to his arch nemesis and political rival Jiang Zemin. In this episode of China Uncensored, we break down the factional struggle, how it became a life-or-death wrestling match, and what it could mean if Xi gets a third term in office.

THE PARTY REMAKES CHINA: What to Watch for After the 20th Party Congress
The 20th Party Congress marks a monumental transition in China’s post-Mao political system, one which continues to move China from institutionalization to personalistic leadership. While the Party Congress will almost certainly grant Xi Jinping a third term as China’s supreme leader, it remains to be seen who will fill the other top leadership positions and what further changes in rules and institutions the Congress might portend. Under Xi, the shattering of norms has introduced uncertainty into a once-predictable political system, which makes it more challenging than ever for analysts to divine China’s path ahead

Chairman Xi? Party congress set to hand Chinese leader unprecedented power
Xi Jinping has amassed unchecked power in the past decade. Now a Communist Party congress that opens Sunday in Beijing is poised to grant the Chinese president and party general secretary an unprecedented third five-year term in office despite a slowing economy and mounting domestic unrest over his zero-COVID health restrictions.

Russia and China Reveal Plan to Replace US Dollar Hegemony

U.S. widens investment ban to China’s BGI Genomics, drone maker DJI
The U.S Defense Department added more Chinese companies, including drone maker DJI Technology and surveillance equipment maker Zhejiang Dahua Technology (002236.SZ), to a blacklist that subjects them to an investment ban for Americans.

There’s a serious currency crisis coming to China, says Crescat Capital CEO
Crescat Capital CEO Kevin Smith joins CNBC’s ‘Squawk Box’ to discuss why he’s betting against the Chinese yuan.

“With a little help from my friends”: China turns to Africa to bolster food security
There are growing calls for Beijing to help tackle the world food crisis, but China has its own food security concerns. It sees a solution in boosting imports from Africa, but this is not without obstacles, say Aya Adachi and Francesca Ghiretti. 

The CCP Sets up Police Stations in over 30 Countries. What is the CCP’s Most Powerful Magic Weapon?
Do you know that the CCP has set up police stations in over 30 countries? And do you know what the CCP says about what was its most powerful magic weapon that enabled it to defeat the KMT and win its power in China? Today I’d like to discuss these two issues, and hopefully, we can learn some positive lessons from this.

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